Marcus Fitzgibbons was born in Landstuhl, Germany, and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. At a very young age, Marcus was encouraged to create and explore a variety of art making methods. By age 12 his ability for creating artwork was apparent.

Despite his talents, Marcus did not originally set out to become a fine artist. He instead chose a similar, yet distinctively different path in art. While attending Secondary School Marcus studied what was then called “Commercial Art,” and was later awarded a scholarship to RMCAD. Marcus earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. He has worked as an Art Director and designer ever since. Throughout his career Marcus has held a variety of positions in a variety of locations. However, the desire to return to his roots consistently resonated within his being.

In the winter of 2009, Marcus experienced a lucid dream in which he had a profound vision of his current work. This experience made a lasting impression on him and has reinvigorated his passion to create. Marcus committed to creating his current body of artwork shortly thereafter.

His affection for artists like Alexander Calder, Matisse, and Kandinsky, together with a life of exploring the depths of consciousness, defines his perspective and manifests the ideas he expresses.